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The Smart BusinessCard App

Open the Mi BusinessCard App, Scan the QR code and make a new connection. Simple as that!

Mi BusinessCard meets all your modern networking needs. Say goodbye to bulky, wasteful physical business cards. With Mi BusinessCard, you can store, share and access contact details and social media handles all with a click of a button.

Get started easily with Mi BusinessCard.

It’s free to download and create your smart business card on the Mi BusinessCard app.

Don’t settle for time-consuming, ordinary and expensive business cards anymore.

Share your
Mi BusinessCard contactless with anyone anywhere.

QR code, text, instant messaging, email or social media.

Anyone can receive your digital business card, even if they don’t have the Mi BusinessCard app.

Manage your contacts intuitively & effortlessly with Mi BusinessCard.

Say goodbye to bulky card holders. With the Mi BusinessCard app you can manage all your contacts in a customizable address book, easily organizing your contacts into categories or groups.

Get The App

Scan the QR Code to download the app!